Treatments from DAM Health

Vitamin Therapy

Vitamins are essential micronutrients required in trace quantities for normal growth and development and to ensure normal body functioning. Essential nutrients cannot be synthesised by the body in sufficient quantities and must be taken in via a healthy diet. Their impact on the body’s health is critical and deficiencies of these micronutrients can have severe and even life-threatening effects on the body.

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Using the latest Cryotherapy technology, we use bursts of cold to freeze cells and prevent reproduction. The treatment is safe and painless. Liquid nitrogen is used directly at the area of the skin where there is a problem, such as Skin tags, warts and verrucas and other skin lesions.

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Weight Management

Here at DAM Health we understand that managing your weight is multi-facetted and can be an extremely stressful experience to face alone. The DAM Health Weight Management Course is a bespoke programme that utilises the latest medical treatments and clinical expertise.

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Travel Vaccinations

Here at DAM Health we pride ourselves on connecting people to the ones they love or the experiences they long for. We strive to improve our clients health and wellbeing by providing high value, world class services through constant innovation, dedication and efficiency.

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