Cryotherapy for skin lesion removal (cold therapy)

Remove unwanted skin tags, lesions, and birthmarks quickly and pain-free

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Cryotherapy treatments are effective on:


Warts, moles, skin tags and other lesions on your skin can seriously damage your confidence, especially if they are visible when you go out and about. Every time you look in the mirror, you see it, and even when your loved ones reassure you, you know how such a small thing can damage your self-image.


Why suffer when the solution is so easy? 

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Cryotherapy works by causing the water in the skin cells to freeze. As this happens, the water expands (setting up a crystalline matrix) and then fractures the frozen cell walls causing cellular necrosis.


If the freeze is rapid (i.e. below -27 deg C), the fluid inside freezes before it can be expelled via osmosis, and the cell wall is destroyed. 


This causes cryonecrosis, which means that not only will the lesion or wart be removed – it won’t come back! 

The skin will look red, possibly raised and cold. The area must not be touched, and the surface will go darker. The treatment area should not be picked or irritated and should be left to heal in its own time. This may take anything up to 28 days. The client may experience an itchy feeling which is the body responding to the nitrous oxide with histamine, a normal process which goes after around 10 minutes. Protect the area from sun exposure while it is healing to help prevent scar formation. We recommend that you use SPF 50.

  • Hepatitis, specifically B and C
  • Human T-Cell lymphotrophic virus 3 (HTLV3)
  • Compromised Auto-Immune System
  • Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy e.g. CJD vCJD
  • We do not treat Genital Warts